Our Story

Inspired by an 8 year old........   to make a difference so that no one goes hungry.   It's a heartwarming story for sure and on that I'm proud to share with you.      


Every Friday, I would head over to the elementary school to have lunch with my son and every Friday, I would bring him Chicken nuggets and French Fries from his favorite local establishment, which we frequent often.   😉

One Friday, he started packing up half of his food.   Perplexed by this because I know he LOVES the food I had brought him, I asked him what he was doing.   He let me know that a classmate of his didn't have a lunch and didn't have any money in his account to buy a lunch so he was going to share.   (Love my kind, sweet boy!!!) 

His classmate wouldn't accept the food as they are told in school that they are not allowed to accept food from others because of allergies these days!!   Can't be too careful.     So I let my son use his lunch code to buy the cafeteria lunch for his classmate.

Fast forward a month later... I get notified by the school that my son's lunch account is overdrawn.   I'm thinking.... I just sent in a check and since I pack his lunch everyday or bring him food on Fridays, how can this be?!?!   He only uses this money to buy ice-cream, which they sell on Friday only.   The lunch manager on the phone informed that he had bought lunch from the cafeteria quite a few times in the past couple weeks.   

Then, I had a moment!!!   A proud MOM moment!   He had continued to buy lunch for his classmate.   I told the lunch manager that I think he is buying lunch for someone and she immediately said that she knew who it was for.    I let her know that I would send in a check and there would be more money in his account the next day.

I couldn't be more proud of all of my kids, don't get me wrong....  but especially my son and his kindness, generosity and willingness to help when the situation was in front of him.

I became a Mom on a mission to continue his acts of kindness and to do my part in helping so that less people go hungry.     Here's where Feed a Village comes in!!  

Feed a Village has pledged to give back and help the fight against hunger.   As we help you feed your employees, we will pledge to donate to meals to those in need.   

It takes a village, to Feed a Village.